Oreganik is a digital game development studio and consulting office based in Eugene, Oregon. Its owner and primary developer is Ted Brown.


Your Daily Fill

Epic Skater is a side-scrolling endless runner game for mobile. It is published by Kongregate.

Epic Skater had gone through three lead programmers in two years before hiring Oreganik to overhaul the codebase. Coincidentally, this brought the ex-Tony Hawk developer percentage to 100%!

We dramatically optimized performance, implemented in-app purchases and video ads, and shipped simultaneously on Android and iOS. It was featured on both stores, and has been downloaded over six million times.


Center on Teaching & Learning

When paired with CTL's proprietary analytics engine, Math Monster Carnival is a colorful, engaging app for teachers to teach and evaluate knowledge of K-1 Common Core math principles.

We worked with professional educators on the design, and it was extensively tested in local schools to great reviews. CTL is taking lessons learned on this project and rolling them into their next generation of game-based learning.


Oreganik LLC

Chess Heroes is a project with a mission: making chess accessible to kids and adults by using modern game design techniques.

Billing itself as "The World's Best Chess Game For Beginners!", its colorful aesthetic and animated pieces make it an attractive alternative to the hyper-real simulators and fantasy-filled reskins available today.

We plan to give the game to schools for free when it's done.


Pipeworks Software

Ted Brown, the owner of Oreganik, has finished two contracts for Pipeworks Software, and is currently employed as a full-time temp.

He developed an avatar creation system for mobile, with animated characters that could be morphed and discretely scaled. This means the legs could be made longer while the torso and arms remained the same size. It also included support for accessories with custom components.

For the second contract, he developed character controllers, enemy behaviors, and game progression mechanics for an action game concept in Unreal.

His current work focuses on virtual reality interfaces using the Oculus Touch.